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August 28th, 2006

2 days, 2 points @ 10:45 pm

Yesterday's point (which has already been noted elsewhere *s*):

Courtesy of The Organized Writer by Julie Hood:

"Do what feels right and what appeals to you -- not what seems to 'be organized.'"

This is a biggy. I started the organization project last year with my sister-in-law because I thought I should. I had to "be organized." But the way we went about it wasn't/isn't my way.


Today's point (also already noted elsewhere):

"Be sure your subcategories are distinct and do not overlap." -Julie Hood, The Organized Writer

I tend to be vague when I set up any kind of category/filing system. I justify this by saying it'll be easier to file because the categories will be broad enough that there won't be any problem.



So this is the key point I'm taking away today. And I'm working on my master list. It appears I have one category as a subcategory that should probably be a main category on its own, but I can make that change later, should it be justified.
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The Organized Writer

Tools for the business of writing.